LINKS (and stuff you might like)



Cheesy Fonts for your website :p
Sadglr's website (she's the best btw)
A whole lot of GIFs
Every free fonts you can imagine.
90's Cursor Effects !


Photopea, an art program mimicking Adobe and Photoshop, only it's free and online.
MakeSweet, a website to design heart-shaped lockets.


ESCAPE THE WIZARD DUNGEON, an interactive fiction zine made by thegardenofmadeline on neocities
Sandwich Tribunal : « Our five year mission : to eat all the sandwiches »


Rebecca Jennings, « Everyone’s a sellout now », Vox, 01/02/2024.
Ismatu Gwendolyn, «you’ve been traumatized into hating reading (and it makes you easier to oppress) », Threadings, 15/02/2024.
Toadsbey, « Thoughts on Being Online », toadtoadtoad on neocities, 03/09/2021.
Hito Steyerl, «In Defense of the Poor Image », e-flux, 11/2009.
HAPTALAON, « which way did the good web go? », haptalaon's journal on dreamwidth, 26/08/2021.
Paul Sutter, «The key to fighting pseudoscience isn’t mockery—it’s empathy », Ars Technica, 01/10/2024.
Constance Grady, «Amazon is filled with garbage ebooks. Here’s how they get made. », Vox, 16/04/2024.
Devon Price, «Work is a Chronic Illness », 14/12/2023.
Heather Havrilesky, «Ask Polly: Why Should I Keep Going? »,20/04/2016.


Maggie Appleton,«A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden ».
Andy Matuschak's working notes.
Azlen Elza's Digital Garden of notes.

MOVIES (use adblock and vpn for those) in ENGLISH

oooh nooo i dropped a nice streaming service for animation shows noooo
wait you never heard of over the garden wall ??
Cobalt, a tool for downloading any images or videos from any website.
Here's a list of movies you can watch on Youtube.

FILMS (utilise un adblock et un vpn pour ces liens) en FRANCAIS

l'un des meilleurs films franco-algérien de tous les temps / one of the best animated french-algerian movie of all time
une petite série marocaine sur les débuts de l'Islam très qualitative / a small and very high quality moroccan tv show about the beginings of Islam

MUSIC (use adblock and vpn for those)

(EDIT : IT WENT DOWN) oh nooo my favorite place to """listen""" to music
wait you got mp3 AND mp4 on your phone ??


Arai Sumiko, The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All (manga) (on going).
Ryōko Kui, Dungeon Meshi (manga), started on 02/2014 - finished on 09/2023.
Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive (essay), 2015.
gray Folie, Drop-Out (webcomic), started in 2015 and finished in 2017 (tw : suicide, drog use)
Bored ? Here's a website to read random webcomics !
Carly Boyce, helping your friends who sometimes wanna die maybe not die (zine), 2019.