She/Her | 12-13 yo | Half bird monster (from her dad), Half human (from her mom)

Why do I love this character ?

Basically, she's a cynical and apathic spirit in the body of a brat in love with fashion. And I LIVE for this contrast !

Cléo is a menace to society, a little bastard of a (half) bird, the middle-grade kid who's going to talk crap about your outfit if she pass by you on the street. She saw « Mean Girls » at the age of six and decided to make it her whole life. And sorry but this kind of character is really funny, often 'cause they use a lot of sarcasm and don't mind mocking every other characters.

Her arrogance and egocentric nature is fueled by her despair and apathy toward the rest of the wolrd. I like the contrast of a character that will do everything to preserve their image in the eye of everyone else, but can't look themself in the mirror without wishing to die. There's too much cynism in this little and young body of hers. Her defense mechanism is to just dance and listen to music until she falls on the ground from exhaustion.


She's supposed to be in school but she's always skipping class, either to nap, to go for a stroll, or to cause trouble. Otherwise, she helps her dad to keep their cult in shape, and makes sure her little sister Lylo doesn't die. She also runs a lot from the cops.


She can't fly yet because her wings are too short, however she's mastering electricity, which makes her very fast ! I kinda see her moving a bit like Flash. She's still new at it, and doesn't always control when her powers manifest. For example, if she's happy, her joy will manifest by creating static electricity and put her hair up ; even if she didn't want to show it. If she's angry or having a breakdown, she tends to create storms and rain outside. Her powers are mostly used to attack, and she compares herself a lot to her dad and brother who have a more defensive approach of their powers.

Clothing style

Everything shiny and pretty she will like, but she especially loves Scene and Emo style ! She likes to mix colors and to be as bright as possible. But since she's a minor and doesn't have any money, she often steal her clothes in malls. She always wears gloves, ad she always make sure to pick two different colors.


Cléo has a light grey skin with little wings on her back and long tail of a bird. She also has facial feathers which mimicks what would be facial hair on a human. Her hair is also grey, and it's very long, with light beige and black touches. She always wears gloves because her hands got cutted in an accident long ago, and she uses her electrical powers to mimick human hands, but she doesn't like to show it to people. Her legs are covered in feathers.


She's a very sarcastic kid, quite awful to be around if you are not her friend. She loves pranks and mockery, but tries to not be this mean with her friends. Very emotional, any mean thing told by her family will make her breakdown, but if it's from anyone else, she'll be plotting her revenge.

Other characters she's linked to


Owen is Cléo's father. He's a humanoid white crow, much more fluffier than his kids, with grey feathers and blue eyes. He dresses like a middle-class bourgeois wannabe with his sweater put around his shoulders - Cléo hates this style of fashion and avoid being seen with him in public. He is the Head Priest of the cult, praying for the Prince Martyr spiritualy helping them in their fight against the humans. His electrical power centers around the idea of being impressive, to be a menace to make sure his ennemy will be too frighten to attack. He is a very strict father, who doesn't hesitate to be cold, mean and a little bit violent with his kids. He especially is distant with Cléo, as he thinks of her as responsible for the death of his wife.


Simo is Cléo's older brother, they look a lot alike, though his hair got blonde undertone and his wings are bigger. He can fly, and his electric powers are much more defensive. He wears more pratical clothes, which makes Cléo very disappointed. His hobby and side job is to make potery, which is the official shop his dad is managing. Creating pots and bowls makes him feel better, like he can actually change things, which is rare in his life. Also, he is a great cooker and babysitting. He loves both his sisters, though sometimes he get in fights with Cléo. Cléo thinks that he's still resentful that she was involved in the way their mom died, but in reality he just misses his mom and doesn't like to talk about her.


Lylo is Cléo's little sister, she's six, and looks a lot like her father and almost not like her mom. Unlike the rest of her family, she can't speak because of an accident that happened during her birth and at the moment of the death of her mom. She's a little bean. Owen and Simo are overprotective with her, and she's always wearing a ton of clothes because they are scared that she might catch a cold. Cléo is more distant with her, in part because she thinks that she's responsible for her sister's non-verbal behavior. She still loves her.